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    Joe Fagan

    Former Soccer Star, Now Soccer Fan

    September 24, 2018

    Betsy DeVos: The Rich Education Opportunities in America

    As technology advances, there is one sector of the population that continues to operate behind the curve. Schoolchildren that are enrolled in public facilities are not receiving the type of education that has been promised to them and their parents. Instead, they are being taught just enough information to pass standardized tests. Often, children leave school feeling frustrated and angry with themselves because they were not able to maintain a certain grade. The problem is not with the student but with how they are being tested. Teachers need to embrace the education process in an entirely different way in order to help children learn.


    One person that truly understands the trials and tribulations of children within the public school system is Betsy DeVos. While Betsy DeVos is a currently the she has also spent much of her career following the education trends in the public sector. Her goal has been to them when it comes to their children. Instead of feeling trapped in a public school she wants parents to look at the overwhelming amount of options that are available to them. Even 中国福利彩票安卓下载schooling can prove to be a fruitful endeavor for parents that are able to put in the necessary time. Virtual schools operate for many districts and allow parents to partake in the education process better than they ever have before.


    Betsy DeVos previous to her appointment as Secretary of Education. Her views in that interviewer close to the views that she holds today. She is proven on multiple occasions that she is a fighter and she will work for her students. She takes the position that she has been appointed to very seriously. She looks at herself as a guardian of the education system in America. For many people, they believe that this is an appointment that would require her to support the public school system but Betsy DeVos has made it clear that she is . If the public school system is not working then she wants parents to enroll their children in programs that are working. Her main goal has always been to further the advancement of the children under her care and subsequently the future of America.


    It can be a very daunting task to look at an entire public school system on a national basis and call for an overhaul. Betsy DeVos wants parents to understand that an overhaul may come too late for their children and alternative education can be a way out for them. offer scholarships that may allow students to attend them regardless of their parents’ financial resources. This can allow them to adequately compete with their peers while enjoying the process of education. Overall, it is the goal of Betsy DeVos to make sure that parents are finding a niche that is appropriate for their children. The school system in the public sector may be in a little bit of a decline but she believes that there are still rich education opportunities across America.


    For updates, follow Betsy DeVos on .

    September 23, 2018

    How Fortress Investment Group Changed The Landscape Of Alternative Asset Management Industry

    Fortress Investment Group is an alternative asset management company in New York. Founded in 1998, by the principals Randal Nardone, Wes Edens, and Rob Kauffman has turned this midsized private equity firm to a global asset management giant. Wes Edens is a US based businessman. They currently have 900 employees who work in accordance to the vision of the founders, thus managing around $43 billion worth of assets for 1,750 investors. The is renowned for managing high returns with reduced risk-factors. Wes Edens played an important role in finding the Fortress company. The company invests in private equity, debt equity, and high-end vehicles.

    Peter Briger is now one of the current principals after Rob Kauffmann left. The current principals believe in an that yields steady long-term income. The firm provides end-to-end services dealing with an asset which include its acquisition, handling, and financing. Their set of unique strategies are meant to generate returns from illiquid and distressed assets. They mostly handle assets in diverse domains such as high-end vehicles, real estate, etc. Since it was founded in 1998, they have maintained an excellent reputation when it came to acquiring, handling, pricing, and financing physical as well as .

    lives in New York. Another expertise offered by the company is the efficient handling of mergers and acquisitions transactions. With over two decades of its existence, they have managed to bond with top management professionals, important board members, and the major stakeholders.

    A few years back, Peter Briger and Michael Novogratz joined the company in the leadership and finance roles respectively. Since then, they have made tremendous contributions to the company and brought over many upgrades to the different asset management divisions. With years of experience at Goldman Sachs, they had an in-depth understanding of the domain they excelled in.

    They became the fastest growing company in the alternative asset management industry, and the worth of assets they handled doubled up. Later in 2007, they took the bold step and became the t company to offer its shares with an IPO and were the topic of discussion for a while.

    There came a point in time when Fortress Investment Group was ready to be sold. A Tokyo-based giant, SoftBank Corporation proposed exciting ideas to the principals of Fortress Group regarding how their strategies would help Fortress Investment Group double-up the current worth of assets they are handling.

    They soon came to an agreement for $3.3 billion in the year 2017. There was a clause in the agreement which allowed Fortress Group to operate independently without any interference from SoftBank.

    Currently, Fortress Investment Group LLC mainly focuses on Credit Division, Private Equity and their in high-end cars.