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    Joe Fagan

    Former Soccer Star, Now Soccer Fan

    October 20, 2018

    “Freedom Checks” and Their Tax-Free Benefits

    The Republicans were victorious in getting their tax plan passed. Corporations will retain more profits because of the tax breaks they will get to take advantage of and the average American taxpayer should get more money in their pocket. This is the perfect time for individuals to take the money they saved and take advantage of a simple that will generate a tax-free income stream. A tax-free income may seem too good to be true and some investors may find this statement hard to believe. The investment is called” Freedom Checks” and it is a legitimate way for an investor to earn a passive income without having to fork over their profits to the IRS, resulting in a higher rate of return.

    Matt Badiali was the who introduced “Freedom Checks” to average investors. This investment strategy has been around since 1987 but only extremely sophisticated investors took advantage of it. The companies that issue “Freedom Checks” are called “Master Limited Partnerships”. Most MLPs are involved in oil and gas operations. The tax code allows these companies to operate without having to pay any federal income taxes, which makes these companies more profitable. To avoid taxes, the company must pay ninety percent of their revenues to the company shareholders. A shareholder of an MLP can achieve from owning MLPs because they do not have to pay any taxes when they receive distributions from the company. The shareholder is only required to pay taxes if they sell the shares of the MLP for a profit, in which case they will pay a capital gains tax. These companies pay on a monthly or quarterly basis, so an investor can enjoy a tax-free passive income. To know more about the company click .

    Investing in MLPs is rather simple. An investor needs a small starting capital and a brokerage account. The process is exactly like buying shares in any publicly traded company. There are over five hundred companies that to be classified as an MLP. Once an investor chooses the appropriate MLP for their investment needs, the company will mail them “Freedom Checks” in the mail or deposit the checks directly in their brokerage account.


    October 15, 2018

    OSI Industries Feeding The World

    It has been said that man cannot live on bread alone and while that is true we have taken a liking to food. The food industry has capitalized off of our love and has been thriving. Time changes all things and the food industry most adapt to the times. To be a true force in the food sector a company must reinvent its business and expand to keep up with society. OSI Industries has kept up with the pace of time and its consumers.

    As a . This giant was once a butcher shop owned by a German immigrant in the early twentieth century in the Chicago area called Otto & Sons. This company’s partner in their growth from 1955 until the current day. That company is the global brand McDonald’s. OSI Industries has been n. This partnership has not only stood the test of time but the company is now the exclusive supplier for McDonald’s for their beef products. OSI Industries was able to grow with McDonald’s helping to give them a global presence everywhere the restaurant chain is throughout the world. This led to a great opportunity for growth and a new strategy.

    In the 1980s and 1990s they began to . In the 2000s the company expanded into Taiwan and Europe. The global expansion has the company employing over twenty thousand people in sixty-five countries. The company also has an excellent balance sheet which helped them acquire a few companies globally to improve their foot print businesses. The acquisition of companies like K&K foods, Moy Park, GmBH and others has helped the company obtain processing planets as far as Japan. The company has also created new divisions and opened new plants in the United States.

    OSI Industries has to expend their products. There business belief is to never forget their humble beginnings. The company is focused on severing the same food to the public as any employee would put on their table at 中国福利彩票安卓下载 for their family. The outlook for the company is growth for the future. Their latest venture will have the company expanding into Australia and to continue growth in Europe. It seems OSI Industries is setting its self up as the .

    See the list of new jobs that you中国福利彩票安卓下载 can apply in their .