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    Joe Fagan

    Former Soccer Star, Now Soccer Fan

    August 30, 2019

    How Sergey Petrossov Has Used Technology Has Changed Private Jet Business

    Sergey PetrossovSergey Petrossov turned his hobby into an over 1.5 billion business empire that has been backed by Jay Z a hip-hop artist and a businessman. The private jet business which he has started reflects his time in high school when he attempted to start an automobile business that deals with importation and exportation of various vehicle parts. As a student at Florida University, he joined a start-up that was based on performing live chats. Immediately he joined the live chat, he knew that he wanted to go into the .

    Therefore, before venturing into the JetSmarter business, Sergey Petrossov co-founded an educational start-up that was involved in the of cloud-based software’s to colleges in various parts of Europe and especially in Russia. He later realized that there were a number of surprising inefficiencies in operating private jets and therefore decided to help fix that problem.

    He complained that the was completely technology deficient and this made it look highly inefficient leading to underutilization of the planes that were present. In addition, he realized that at a time an average plane would have only two people on board leading to high costs. Mr. Petrossov, therefore, made up a plan to and lower costs overall.

    It is during this time that he formed Smart jet after various consultations and relationships with a small tech team in the year 2012. With this small technical team, he built an application and met a number of industrial people. Subsequently, he made campaigns that helped him to make some money that was necessary for the . Today the company offers a number of ways to fly and controls scheduled flights to different destinations with a number of options such as the ability of members to claim their own seats. Also, it allows members to have access to lights based on empty legs and also be able to that are fully given to them. This is done however at a higher cost considering the time taken for booking.

    August 28, 2019

    Betterworks Bringing Teams Together

    Betterworks is a continuous performance management solution software and the purpose of the software is the help small and medium businesses to systemize every function of the business. The Betterworks software was .

    This assists supervisors to communicate efficiently and effectively with their subordinates. It also gives the supervisor effective lines of communication between themselves and upper management so they can never feel like they are left alone.

    The software also . It can provide software that can help guide the supervisor on how to recommend improvements on an employee’s performance without offending the employee and at the same time praising what the employee does well.

    that Betterworks has released is dedicated two assisting small and medium businesses so they can increase the performance, alignment, and accountability within their business.The software is reasonably priced and is extremely user-friendly. The software makes it to where all the supervisors and employees are all on one accord.

    They all make it their top priority to focus on the company’s goals when they are performing their daily job duties. The software as well. The software makes everything visible even in employees individual roles and impact on the team.

    The software also gives the accessibility to the cross functional team goals and the progress that is being made. Betterworks new team edition software can truly make a company operate more efficiently and effectively. If everyone is on one accord with one company goal that they are trying to achieve this can only lead to a successful company that is generating a lot of revenue.

    Download the Betterworks App –