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    Joe Fagan

    Former Soccer Star, Now Soccer Fan

    October 31, 2019

    James Dondero Chooses Good Causes For The Highland Capital Management Foundation

    The Highland Capital Management Foundation has been working for many years to build a that will last for many years to come. The Highland Capital Management Foundation has been built by James Dondero to focus the majority of its financial muscle on the Dallas, Texas area of the U.S. where the company has its headquarters. As Highland Capital Management has built its success for the future with more than $17 billion in assets under management, the company and Chairperson James Dondero has become leading figures in the .

    James Dondero has become an important figure for the people of Dallas because of his commitment to the people of the city he now calls 中国福利彩票安卓下载. James Dondero and his business partner, Mark Okada moved to Dallas in 1993 to take advantage of the innovative business climate in the city. Establishing Highland Capital Management in Dallas allowed the pair to become successful in less than a quarter of a century.

    Jim Dondero was not content with solely being a but felt he had to work in the philanthropic sector to extend his impact on the Dallas community. Like many wealthy philanthropists, believes in pushing on the cause of advancing the arts in a city where the oil and energy production sector has many of their most important businesses based. Dondero does not solely look to financially support the arts but has publicly backed the Dallas Symphony Orchestra and the Dallas Museum of Art. The Highland Capital Management Foundation has been important in providing donations and physical support to many groups fighting for across Texas. James Dondero financially supports groups including the Family Place where the problem of domestic violence is tackled on a daily basis with support given to those who are affected by this ongoing problem in the Dallas region.

    October 28, 2019

    Angela Koch Makes US Money Reserve a Thriving Organization

    During the past few years has made a positive impact on the company.

    While US Money Reserve has been a since being founded, Koch has brought it to new levels of success. Her leadership has been a key to making the company the most trusted distributor of precious metals in the entire world.

    Angela Koch has done a lot of things to make the organization what it is today. She has emphasized developing professionals on a regular basis, making the company an organization that focuses on maximizing sales and also a company that has established a culture of success.

    Angela Koch left college early in order to support her children. When she was supporting her children, she worked three jobs at a time. This helped her build a very strong work ethic as well as making her an expert in many things.

    While she was working multiple jobs, she needed to become proficient at numerous different tasks. As a result, she was not only a competent worker but also someone who had an extensive knowledge of how a particular business is operated.

    She would use this expert knowledge to develop valuable leadership skills. She later joined US Money Reserve and gradually received promotions. Koch eventually became the chief executive officer of the company.

    When Angela Koch took over US Money Reserve as the CEO, she looked to make the company a sales organization. This entailed establishing a company that focuses on selling its products as often as possible. Since making US Money Reserve into a sales organization, Koch has seen the company grow and expand at a rapid pace. This has also resulted in increased revenue, more sales and higher profits.

    as a company that has a culture of success. The company strives to set and attain goals on a consistent basis. This is the mentality of the company.

    As a result of establishing this mentality, US Money Reserve has been able to continue reaching its goals and becoming an even more successful organization than it has been in the past. With new products and improved services, US Money Reserve has developed into the largest and most reputable distributor of precious metals items.

    During her stint as the of the company, Angela Koch has promoted employees on a regular basis as well as given them more responsibility. With the combination of added responsibility and regular promotions, the employees have been able to develop into a highly competent staff of professionals. They have been able to run the company more efficiently as well as ensure customer satisfaction.

    US Money Reserve is a leading company in the financial and retail sectors. It sell a series of gold and silver coins to consumers and investors.

    It’s collection of coins are legally recognized currency which allows investors and consumers to build wealth and diversify their investment portfolio. During the past several years, US Money Reserve has expanded its product line to include commemorative coins as well as winning awards for its marketing excellence.

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