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    Joe Fagan

    Former Soccer Star, Now Soccer Fan

    December 14, 2019

    Academy of Art University: Ushering In the Age of New Fashion

    The Academy of Art University has multiple programs offered to students for . Their esteemed alumni and special programs allow select candidates to debut their creations at New York Fashion Week. This prestigious opportunity allows a handful of the brightest and finest designers to showcase their artistic outfits to the most notable designers in the industry.

    Two students from different backgrounds took the challenge head one, with uniquely inspired designs. One student was from China while the other from Maine. Each of these students had incredibly and used their own emotional connection with the pieces to define the texture and message. attending New York Fashion Week.

    Fashion design students are inspired by the luxurious ensembles and materials that students had available throughout the various challenges. Not only were fabrics hand selected by students, but they were able to design uniquely variegated ensembles for both men and women. Garments that are promoted in the gain a large amount of attention from notable designers as well as entrepreneurs. These were significant with tech startups and innovators from the most recent fashion week.

    The University provides multiple kinds of creative space and opportunities for success. They are built on a reputation of consistency, and professionalism in art. With community outreach and a , the Academy of Art University helps students learn what they need to have a solid career in the areas of design they may choose. Their commitment to excellence stems from a history of collaborating with some of the most well known and notable designers from around the world. Students benefit from an incredible amount of community support and mentorship throughout the process of education and design.

    from a hand selected faculty as well as coaching that allows students to understand market and industry trends well before graduation day. These are all ways that the University prepares students to lead successful and prosperous careers with a foundation of academic excellence.

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    July 20, 2019

    The Impact of the Academy of Art University to its Students


    Academy of Art University is a privately held school in California, United States. Furthermore, it is said to be the school that is privately owned in the United States. The school offers open admission of students at 100% rate.

    The university has been participating every year in the NY Fashion Week event since 2005. The school is accredited to offer bachelors and master’s degree in approximately 25 subjects. Thus the students and parents do not worry about the courses offered.

    The Academy of Art University participates in . The men’s cross country team became the runners up in the 2014-2015 marathon season. On the other hand, the women’s team became fourth to finish the race.

    Every year, the alumni and industry leaders, as well as the general public, visit the school to explore the best work of the talented students. This is always done in one location. The school in itself is like a world full of creative and talented people. One of the significant events hosted by the Academy of Art University is the Spring Show, which is annual. The main advantage of this is that the world comes to the students to appreciate them, not the vice versa.

    The Spring Show offers the students excellent opportunities to show some of their best and latest works. This is also the time when industry experts spend more time with the students even face to face and chat about career opportunities. It is an for the students of this school. According to the Executive director of the faculty of interior architecture, networking is something that they are devoted to giving a lot of focus. Advertising is a key to networking, and it is essential to create a relationship with industry experts who represent their companies at the Spring Show.

    In conclusion, Academy of Art University is devoted to network the of the students to make them achieve their dreams. Because of the Spring Show, there have been many graduates who have gotten a chance at big companies. Students here, do what they love to achieve their dreams.