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    Joe Fagan

    Former Soccer Star, Now Soccer Fan

    August 09, 2019

    Jeunesse Global Offers New Health Benefits for Employees

    Jeunesse Global is a thriving . The company recently won an award for being a great place to work. After winning the award, Jeunesse Global released a statement about the recognition. In the press release, the company also announced new benefits for employees.

    There are multiple reasons why Jeunesse Global won this award. Not only does the company have a great culture, but employees receive adequate compensation for their work.

    Health Benefits

    Anyone who works at Jeunesse Global has access to a at the corporate headquarters. Employees are encouraged to spend time away from their desks exercising in the gym. The vast majority of people who work at large companies do not exercise enough. Numerous studies indicated that regular exercise makes employees more productive.

    Another health benefit for employees is quality health insurance. The cost of healthcare has increased drastically in recent years. Anyone who does not have a viable health insurance plan could be bankrupted by a medical emergency. Jeunesse Global that provides excellent options for people of all ages.


    Jeunesse Global also has a daycare at the corporate headquarters. Employees who use the facility receive a massive discount. Childcare is a significant concern for many working parents. Not only is childcare expensive, but parents want their children to be safe. The at Jeunesse Global receives excellent reviews from parents.

    Financial Benefits

    The also increased the salaries of all workers at the company last year. A new bonus program was announced that many employees are excited about. Anyone who joins the direct sales program has an excellent opportunity to earn a high income. The company has no limit on the amount of money a person can earn by selling Jeunesse Global products.