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    Joe Fagan

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    July 17, 2019

    LocationSmart Announces Partnership With Netherlands’ AND For Its Newest API Offering

    Last year, the (LaaS) provider LocationSmart had made its partnership with AND public. LocationSmart and AND is teaming up to provide a better API for services who want better compliance checks to connected devices. AND will do its role by providing the digital maps which LocationSMart needs in order to make its endeavors possible. The said APIs will serve companies that focus on different industries and international uses.

    LocationSmart, which is the largest LaaS provider in the country, formed a partnership with digital maps provider AND in order to bolster their Application Programming Interface or API which will be involved in their newest international offering.

    AND made their and International Administrative Boundaries applications available for LocationSmart’s usage. These two programs will be used to bolster the functionalities of LocationSmart’s Smart Zone API.

    The main functionality of Smart Zone API is to provide businesses a platform to confirm the location of the device which is connected to their services. Location collection is done by various location methods.

    Smart Zone API executes compliance checks even in devices which are located in other global country boundaries, as per the pre-configured and specific instructions from the customer. The API’s original launch was set in the last quarter of 2018 with functionalities targetted for gaming, financial services, lottery, and e-commerce. Read more: and

    Huge van der Linde, the chief executive officer of AND, expressed his happiness to be tasked in providing the digital maps of LocationSmart. Linde acknowledged LocationSmart’s dominance in its market as the provider of cloud location services. He also stated that this partnership is proof that AND’s products can provide quality mapping products which can match the needs of the current market. AND currently offers its road database which connects 200 countries, mainly in the areas of Western Europe and in North America.

    Mario Proietti, the current chief executive officer of LocationSmart, also expressed his happiness to work with AND for its Smart Zone API. He believes that AND is the company needed for the project because it can deliver comprehensive coverage, as well as data versatility. In addition to this statement, he gladly mentions that LocationSmart is pleased to offer its Smart Zone API to the customers who need location verification services.

    Founded in 1984, AND is one of the renowned providers of digital maps and other location-aware services such as HD maps, geocoding maps, and its platforms including MapFusion. LocationSmart is a company which is headquartered in Carlsbad, California.

    It is known as a provider of LaaS services to companies who focuses on financial transaction verification, IoT, gaming, and other needs. As of now, it authenticates over 1.5 billions of transactions in a month, including those from Fortune 500 companies.

    Learn more about LocationSmart: