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    Joe Fagan

    Former Soccer Star, Now Soccer Fan

    Oncotarget Ready to Transform the Word through Qualitative Findings

    Oncotarget is a and any other scientific research from approved scientists. The site currently has thousands of oncology documents and publications from scientific authors comprising scientific works and articles. Most of the journals range from cancer-related research to aging and prevention and recommendations to prevent both.

    The site allows other authors to post insightful reviews of the published research giving critics on the formulated hypothesis as well as giving additional tips to make the research findings detailed and worth the purpose. has many professional authors who provide reviews as they seem right according to the professional prerequisites and ethics, and later approve the journal for publication. Oncotarget primary goal is to have a world with no diseases, a goal they work hard to achieve by giving an open platform to the interested professionals in the field of medicine.

    With such a chief editor, all journals are critically analyzed and released for publication only when the content pleases the board and the rest of peer reviewers. Since 2010, Oncotarget has and others that got released by Gregg Semenza who won the 2016 Laker Award for coming up with the discovery of oxygen-sensing pathway.

    To allow free flow of ideas and submissions, Oncotarget has made the site to be open access to have a broad platform of readers and professionals contributing to the platform on . After the journals are approved to be useful, they are stored in the achieve docket on the left column on the platform. Here, the reader access as many journals as he wants to acquire knowledge on the topic in question. Other than oncology, Oncotarget has widened their submission topics to include immunology, geotarget, metabolism, cardiology, Cell & Mol Biology, and Pharmacology.

    Oncotarget continually encourages prospect authors to keep submitting their articles for . the approved articles are published weekly by impact journals and alerts are sent to subscribers when the new journal get published. Oncortaget has a broad customer service which is found on facebook, twitter, you中国福利彩票安卓下载tube channel, and linked in. Oncortaget holds strong to its mission of becoming the leading peer review site that work to eradicate all cancer related diseases through provision of adequate research and qualitative findings. See: