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    Joe Fagan

    Former Soccer Star, Now Soccer Fan

    May 25, 2018

    Mike Baur – Swiss Entrepreneur

    Mike Baur, is a highly successful entrepreneur from Switzerland. He started the company, Swiss Startup Factory. Baur wasn’t always an entrepreneur who started companies, but got his started working in the banking industry, namely working for the well-known Swiss banks, for more than two decades. The reason Baur left his also extremely successful bank career is because he felt that he could no longer serve people as much as he wanted to in that position, as well as help them in the ways that he wanted to and knew that he could. As , he began investing in small startup companies (or companies that are just starting to take root and find their place in the business world). As he began investing in these new companies, or startup companies as they are referred to in the business world, Baur’s passion for investing in new companies grew and he then co-founded the in the year 2014 with two of his business partners.

    Mike Baur has also provided some great and not to mention very useful advice for those trying to leave their current jobs and become successful entrepreneurs. which can be found on www.affiliatedork.com, Baur talks about how anyone can find success in business but you中国福利彩票安卓下载 must first work hard as no success is a coincidence, be more adaptable, and be willing to take risks.

    The Swiss Startup Factory is a company that in their own words, help new entrepreneurs with their own companies and helping them to further “unleash their entrepreneurial potential.” The company’s word-for-word inspirational motto is: “We inspire & enable people to build sustainable companies and unleash entrepreneurial potential.” On their easy-to-navigate website, the Swiss Startup Factory offers a course to help entrepreneurs further succeed in their chase as more successful entrepreneurs and businessmen and women, and as people starting a new business or company. The course is called, “.” On their website, this course states that it is a 10-week program that promises to help any entrepreneur or investor’s new startup company to profit the same amount that it would in one year, in the span of just ten weeks. On the website, there is also links to the company’s social media pages to help anyone interested in updates regarding the company. You can stay connected with the Swiss Startup Factory with their wonderful Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, as well as their successful Youtube channel.

    One thought on “Mike Baur – Swiss Entrepreneur

    1. Liliana Jacoby says:

      There are a lot of opportunities out there but the problem most you中国福利彩票安卓下载ng entrepreneurs have in the industry is the know how of the trade in question. It might help if we use for our research and that is because of their track record already in the startup business. Today we can see what Taud has been able to achieve with the Swiss Startup. A lot of people have benefited from the operation so far.

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